To me, furniture is an avenue to make art interactive. The most enjoyable part of the process is the reaction to its presence. Laughter, a smile, or a big question mark, ...that came from where? used to be part of a what?. By using found and discarded materials in my work, it gives everything in that piece of furniture a new life. It allows me to blend lifestyles and allow them to create a dialogue amongst themselves. I find myself drawn to farmlands and barns, industrial equipment and architecture. If I had the ability to take the Shakers and put them in 1930s Paris, I think magic would have been made. This is where I draw my inspirations. How do you make something so elegant and classy, while maintaining a philosophy that requires honesty and simplicity in every aspect of the process?

Steven. M Withycombe





Steve Withycombe graduated from the School for American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology 1997, with an AAS Degree in Industrial Design, and an AOS Degree in Woodworking and Furniture Design. From there, he moved to the Rhode Island School of Design where he finished his BFA Degree in Furniture Design. In 1999, Steve moved to the Seattle, Washington where he opened his own studio and has been doing custom furniture, residential and commercial design build as the owner of Swithyco Furniture.